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Marianne DiNapoli-Mylet

                                           is a multi-media artist who has been engaged in the     

                                         study of art, culture and education for over 35 years. Since 1985, as Assistant Director and a lead artist in the Artistic Design Program (an anti-graffiti/mural program) in Camden,NJ, she has focused on creating public art with communities as a means of celebrating history and heritage, commemorating life and instilling neighborhood pride. She has been an active member of the Winston-Salem Arts community since moving to the City in 1989;  She played a role  in the downtown revitalization by creating numerous community murals and founding a cooperative studio in the newly established Downtown Art District (1999-2019).


DiNapoli-Mylet has created over 40 murals with schools and communities in and around Winston-Salem, NC. Many of the pieces are collaborative works with

participation from the community. She most recently developed and implemented the !POWAR! Program (2010-2015), a public art program in Winston-Salem with a focus on mentoring youth and building community bonds through public art projects.


Click below to contact Marianne for a mural consultation, implementation and/or pricing. 

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