MURALS help communities reclaim & celebrate their heritage, building groundwork for cooperation that often results in new collaborations. All types & ages of people are drawn to the project site, asking about the mural, becoming engaged in its development or commenting on the subject. By enjoining these groups in camaraderie we develop community & create a lasting, visual memory. The mural becomes a center of pride in the community & a strong community helps deter youth from joining gangs, reduces the chance of crimes & graffiti in a neighborhood & fosters fellowship.


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MDM Murals in Greenwich Studio

2436 A Greenwich Road

Winston-Salem, NC 27104

336 407 8007

Unity in Diversity

Painted in 2005 with middle school students and participants from the Hispanic Community in West Jefferson, NC; this mural celebrates culture and diversity. The hands throughout the tree are an homage to Diego Rivera and demonstrate acceptance and tolerance. It is 30' x 26' and is painted fabric installed on a brick wall with gel medium.